UX Design (Research) & Prototyping - Making concepts tangible and test them with the end user to make sure the designs meet customer and end-user needs is my core skill. Started from education at Delft University of Technology and later practicing it in various settings like my own startup and corporate and public sector.

Startup support - Do you need a Chief Product Officer in your team/extra support from an entrepreneurial creative to do user research and validation? Let's discuss what your team needs and if I can play a role in that to bring your startup to the next level.

Corporate or public sector innovation - Do you need a creative lead to implement change and innovation? I have a lot of experience in facilitating the design thinking approach to guide you through complex processes with multi-diverse and multi-discipline teams. My experience in the Legal Design field within corporate environments as well as the public sector makes me able to navigate through different settings and bring together people from all sorts of backgrounds, thinking and habits.


I'm happy to discuss your project and see if I can help you out with my skills and experience. I will let you know if it would be a fit for me or if I can connect you to the right person for the job. Get in touch via email or phone:
+31 6 47631222